We are located in the highly specialized hospital area of the Puerta de Hierro Hospital, which allows us to have the collaboration agreements required by COFEPRIS for the execution of clinical studies.

Our facilities are designed for the care of patients with ophthalmological conditions, considering their participation in clinical studies and we have state-of-the-art equipment that is certified, with preventive maintenance and / or calibration by experts.

We have technological medical equipment to carry out timely and efficient diagnoses. In addition to conventional surgical techniques, we are trained to perform innovative surgical treatments and we are on par with pharmaceutical and technological advances to provide better service and improve the quality of life for our patients.

The focus of the Clinical Research Unit is focused on the satisfaction of our clients and our patients through quality in the processes of conducting clinical trials in their different phases, specializing in the first clinical study in humans and has been recognized by national institutions and international specialized in quality.

Our human capital includes specialists in the different branches of ophthalmology, researchers with international experience in the clinical area, members of the National System of Researchers, and with links to institutions in the public and private sector.


Medical care specialized in world-class medical and surgical retina.

Provide attention to our stakeholders in the design, advice and conduct of clinical studies in the ophthalmology area, always with human warmth and complying with the highest standards of service in quality, bioethics, regulatory and technological compliance.
To be a research unit in ophthalmology of excellence, with national and international prestige, maintaining the vanguard in the conduct of clinical studies.


  • Quality: Seek the best results, optimizing human and material resources, in the search for continuous improvement and satisfaction of interested parties. WITH YOUR EFFORT … BETTER EVERY DAY.
  • Honesty: Act with respect for the Law and the Rights of the interested parties. RESPECT … OUR WAY OF BEING.
  • Service vocation: High sense of collaboration and attention towards our internal and external users. Know and understand your needs and always attend to them with care, diligence, promptness, and efficiency. ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE.
  • Teamwork: Integrate the staff with the Unit’s Mission, Vision, Values, Policies, and Plans, generating collective interest in the results and in achieving a good working environment. WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING TO CONTRIBUTE.
  • Innovation: Apply our ability to create new forms of care, to modify processes, and to adapt ourselves also to the initiatives of the different management areas to support the process of continuous improvement. CREATE AND GROW.

The organizational culture of the Medical and Surgical Retina Center is a living element that is reviewed and replanted year after year to ensure that the direction of our organization is consistent with the needs, trends, and objectives of our environment.

Awards and honours

Winners of the Jalisco Quality Award 2010 Edition
Winners of the National Quality Award 2011 Edition
Special Mention in the Iberoamerican Quality Award 2012 Edition
Winners of the National Technology and Innovation Award 2015 Edition


We have the first clinical site certified by the General Health Council in the private sphere, and the only medical care center specialized in medical and surgical retina certified by the General Health Council.

Our Clinical Research Unit is certified by ISO: 9001-2015 for the execution of clinical studies based on the requirements of our client.

Alliances and Agreements

The Research Unit of the Center for Medical and Surgical Retina has strategic alliances with leading companies in the medical research area. Among them are:

Hospitales Puerta de Hierro

Alliance of emergency medical care services, operating room, pharmacy, hospital stay, clinical laboratory service, preventive maintenance, and use of diagnostic and treatment equipment.

Centro de Retina Médica y Quirúrgica

Strategic alliance as a clinical site for our clinical research unit.

Second Sight (Europa)

Alliance for the application of the Argus II, retinal prosthesis system for the generation of artificial vision.

Laboratorios Grin

Alliance for the production, distribution, and sale of medicines for the area of ophthalmology and diabetes. Publication of specialized medical literature (books, articles, general information for patients).

Replenish INC.

Alliance in research projects and application of devices for the intraocular release of drugs in diseases such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy with macular edema.

Neurotech USA

Alliance in research and development projects for medical devices based on encapsulated cell technology for the treatment of degenerative and vascular diseases.

OPKO Health

Alliance for the study of nanotechnology applied to diseases such as diabetic macular edema and age-related macular degeneration.


Alliance for the creation of patents and the formulation of products for the Ophthalmology area.

Neovista INC.

Alliance for collaboration in research products in age-related macular degeneration.

Agreements. As part of its strategic alliances, the Research Unit of the Medical and Surgical Retina Center collaborates with different institutions in the public and private spheres, all recognized as leaders in their area:
General Agreement for institutional collaboration in the field of scientific research, evaluation systems, and academic activities, with Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey.

Collaboration agreement for the provision of specialized eye care services as volunteers with: The Red Cross, Jalisco Delegation

Collaboration agreement for the provision of health care services for patients with socioeconomic deficiencies, with Albergue Fray Antonio Alcalde.

Various collaboration agreements for the provision of ambulatory medical care services, equipment maintenance, pharmacy, and emergency medical care with: Puerta de Hierro Hospitals.